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Oh I Love that Dirty Water...

Bronson Arroyo #61 on the Boston Red Sox
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Welcome to bronson__arroyo! First Bronson Arroyo Community on Livejournal! This community is open to everyone who is fans of the Boston Red Sox, Bronson Arroyo and all of the Team Members. You can share pictures, talk about them, discuss up coming games, graphics, his music, encounters, you name it! Just anthing thing to do with the the man himself or the team. This community is fun and i believe the first Bronson Arroyo community here! Join us and met others who are just obsessed as you. Believe me I'm obsessed, and i want to know who else too! Your Mods name is Shannon also known as fenway I made everything on this community and i love it. thats enough about me, lets get to know you. You must join in order to post...&& Of course...all you yankee fans..GO AWAY! And bashing the yanks is good in this community...so spill your opinions and thoughts! ♥

Onve you join, fill this out so we can get to know you!
Copy and Paste into Word or Notepad and type everything aver the </b>

Thats it! and make sure you spead this community around. =]