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that's disgusting.
It's obvious that he's forcing that smile.
Yeah it's obvious, Poor Bronson :(
*CRIES* God I hate seeing him in something other than a red sox uniform and that look on his face makes me want to go up to him and give him a big hug
The look on his face makes me wasnt to go up to him and give him a big hug all the time lol.
Image hosting by Photobucket he's sooo happy in this one =(
We can only wish him the best. And FYI, that's from Red Sox picture day, with Cincy stuff photoshopped over it. Just though you all should know.
That sucks... I was all happy I found something lol.
This thought just occured to me...

They're not gonna make him cut his hair or change it... are they?
I dont think so.. it seems only the Yankees are all about the short hair. they better not touch his hair!